Battle Engine Ace!

NMteE.png (544×416)

Finally got around to finishing my battle engine.  It’s not getting any negative reception, so that’s good news.  Anyway, I love how it turned out.  It looks really good with these battlers, too.  Gotta credit Archeia and Penta for those.  Anyway, for a copy of this script, head on over here.

And for my next trick:
The image is pretty big so I don’t want it screwing anything up.  It’s done, just not quite ready for release.  What is it?  Random dungeon generator of course.  Only took me a few hours to make once I knew I could make it.

Anyway, I’m still too lazy to put all my scripts over here, so I’ll touch one or two at a time until I get them all up.

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  1. Hey~! Started taking a look at this scripting ordeal for a game project I’m redoing from XP, towards VX Ace! I had wanted to ask if there was a way to change the battler image real time at all? Like as one case, if one PC was effected by a status effect, changing the image to fit them under such. Is this possible at all? Or am I just at a dead end here and needing to figure out something else?

    • Hey there. I’ve actually been a bit busy with some personal and commissioned stuff, so I haven’t had to much time to work my battle engine at all.

      However, you’re not the only person to request something like that, so I’ll see what I can do about getting it to update based on states and stuff, hopefully in the next few days.

      • REALLY?! AWESOME! If anything else, if you could set up a system where say I could put in the actor notes ‘battlerxxx[filename]’ with xxx referring towards a status state, that would be awesome. ( in cases where more then one status overlaps with another, of course having the one farther down the list taking lead. ) Would honestly really solve that one issue I have transferring between XP and VX Ace.

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