The Villain Unmasked?

So rpgmakerweb wants me to make a blog post gushing about the rpg maker series.  I don’t really like gushing, but I do like free stuff, and I feel like it’s time I told people a little about myself (like that will ever really happen).  Nah, really though, I had been planning to talk a little about my RPG Maker hobby at some point.

Anyway, as a kid I pretty smart and always learning.  I had a great imagination and came up with all sorts of different playground games that we played at school.  At home I read just about everything I could get my hands on (I was able to read at just 4 years old).  At 8 I started really getting into computers, though it wasn’t until 12 that I started to program.  Still, I was just a kid and by no means had the abilities to make any of the games my friends and I had come up with into a reality.

(Oh god, you mean there’s more of me talking?)

At 14, just 10 years ago, one of my friends introduced me to a program called “Rpg Maker 2000”.  I absolutely loved it.  Within the first week I had already made 2 REALLY CRAPPY games.  Absolutely not balanced at all, terrible storytelling, just utter atrocities.  Still, I learned a little bit about game making from each of them.  To this day they’re two of the only three games I completed, which is kind of sad, I know.  Still, each other project I started was simply to learn something new, so the rest were all good practice.

(Back in the day, I didn’t even realize you could add your own graphics….)

Over the next few years I started numerous projects, so many in fact that I’ve lost count.  With each one I got a little bit better at making games.  I learned new tricks and new ways to use parts of the maker.  I could make just about anything using events.  Of course, there were still limits to what the program could do.  I dabbled in a few other things, moving in and out of the RPG Maker series and practicing a few different programming languages.  Somewhere in the middle of now and then, though… I’ll just leave it at “shit happened that I’m still shaken up over”.  To vent, I wrote stories.  I turned these storied into games.  I think this is perhaps when my best idea came about, the Arthis Archives series.

(Part of the first scene of Lasting Peace, part 2 of the Arthis Archives series, and the first game in the series I worked on)

I guess as far as what RPG Maker has meant to me was more or less a way for me to share my feelings with people.  The simplicity of the old series has given me the chance to learn about general game making, while the newer series, VX and VX Ace has given me a chance to really polish up my general programming, something I couldn’t really do just on my own (and something I really couldn’t learn at school, since I have always taught my teachers).  It’s been my favorite hobby all this time, I just really wish more people I knew were into it.  Now, whether just to pass time, or because I got a new idea, I open the maker and start working on something.  I’m sure I’ll be around for years to come.  NOT GETTING RID OF ME THAT EASY!

(Honest, I was really only trying to be polite!)

So have I inspired you?  Taught you anything about myself?  I sure feel hopelessly pathetic after all that.  <plug>Wanna start your own story?  It’s easy enough.  Make Your Own Game!  Join all the other people sharing and creating using the RPG Maker series online!  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I have!</plug>

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