Game Making (Script Making?) Drive and 2 new scripts!

EDIT: Oh, hey, I forgot I also wanted to talk about something else I’m working on now, the RM Coalition.  I’ve added that extra info to the end of this post.

I sometimes forget I have a blog, though I do enjoy making new posts on it.  Anyway, Archeia’s had this little game making drive thing she’s working on and I’ve been posting my script updates in it.  So far I haven’t really gotten anywhere, but this week I actually released to scripts and still plan to release two others very shortly.  Anyway, about these two scripts.  These scripts are a rehash of my battle pop-up script and a totally new enemy scan screen to replace the features lost from the pop-up script.

Other than this, Yami has begun looking into different battle systems and even commented on the one I made!  So, let’s get this started off with the updates….

HdHCY.png (544×416)

The first script is my damage pop-up script.  This is still one of my favorite scripts that I’ve made.  It’s use is pretty obvious; it displays damage dealt to enemies.  Since I’d rather watch the enemy when they get hit than stare at the message box to see what’s going on, this script is really important to me.  When I first made this one it didn’t show buffs and states, which actually did bug me a little.  Now that I’ve updated it, it shows both of those when inflicted and when removed.  Another feature that mine didn’t have that some of the other damage pop-ups did (mainly Yanfly’s) was weakness and resistance.  I still feel these aren’t very important and the main script doesn’t have them.  The screenshot shows them?  That’s because they are a part of my second script finished this week….

sxqHx.png (544×416)

The second script I finished this week was one requested by Archeia.  This script was a scan script.  We shot a few design ideas back and forth for a little while to finally come up with this one.  It has several ways to customize how it looks, including a slightly different version that displays percentages for the affinities.  This script also has a few options to it that allow pop-ups to display when an enemy is weak or strong to an element.  This does share a little bit of resemblance to the old info view window that used to be included in the pop-up script, and that was somewhat intentional.  While the old one no longer exists, I feel this one is good enough to takes it’s place and just in general looks a lot nicer.

xiZHk.png (560×454)

Both of these scripts are available and released.  They can be found by checking the script listing page (only 5 scripts there right now anyway).  Or you can just get to them from here.

Next up, as mentioned Archeia started a game making drive to get people to work on their games.  The topic over at RPG Maker Web has reached 34 pages in just 3 weeks and is still growing, with over 40 people participating.  To make things a little more interesting it is a little bit of a contest.  The team which posts every day and prevents the chain from breaking gets bragging rights.  Although not quite properly sorted by week (I wasn’t sure when the weeks start and end until just recently) I have been saving my updates on pages on this blog, you can get to any of those pages below.

Finally, Yami went over a lot of the battle systems and listed a few of their pros and cons.  There are nine different engines listed including mine.  Directly from Yami’s blog:

CP’s Battle Engine

Similar to Yanfly Engine Ace but has other tweaks and fixes. There are 4 different Party HUDs.

  • Pros
    • The Author is active.
    • Provides more options for the default battle system.
    • Fixes and Tweaks default battle system.
    • Stable battle system.
  • Cons
    • Non-commercial only.
    • Engine is still in development.

I’m happy to see the words “stable battle system” in there as that’s what I was going for.  The cons don’t even worry me.  Mainly I don’t allow commercial use without my permission so I can at least keep track of who’s trying to use it commercially, though I still haven’t charged anyone for use of any of my scripts yet (though I probably will if it gets excessive).  Engine still in development?  Honestly, I don’t think it will ever be “out of” development.  For the most part I’m going to be supporting my battle system with various add-ons including my pop-up script and grade victory screen.  Really the only issue is making them.  It will be a while before I consider the system truly “done”.

If you want to see the rest of the battle engines and the pros and cons, they’re right over on Yami’s blog, Symphonyan.

Also going on about now I’ve been talking to Hyde about the upcoming RM Coalition he started.  A bit of info, the RM Coalition is a group of people who make resources for RPG Maker and release them to the public.  It was officially started last month and currently has four musicians an a scripter.  So far there has been one released resource pack that only contains music, however there is a pack planned for December.  I’ll add more news about that as it comes.

Well, that’s pretty much it for now.  I’ll update again once I come up with something worth updating.  Until next time, enjoy!

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  1. Awesome post, really. Not saying this because of my name being brought up or even the Coalition (which both made my day though, I’ll admit), but this genuinely was a very productive blog post. I think I am certainly going to have to follow your blog a bit.

    Anyways, I am glad we have you in the group now. I know that you are going to be one hell of a member, and I am more than proud to call you a Coalition member.

    • I do what I can to give back to the community. I’ve been considering becoming active on more than just the main site just to be able to blog about things going on in the community in general, but I’m not sure I’d be able to find the time. I’ll see what I can do in the next few coming months, but this still is meant to be a blog namely about stuff I’m doing personally.

      Also, you have a tag, too.

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