Physical and Steam copies of Ace (and other December Goodies)

Been a while, but it’s been an exciting week (or month) and there’s still more to come in the upcoming days.  We had box sets of Ace released, Ace released on Steam, and the RM Coalition is going to be releasing it’s December Pack a little bit later this month with more details to come on that.  In the midst of all this excitement, RPG Maker Web is having a sale all month long on it’s resource packs with a different pack discounted each day.  Alright, so let’s get started with a general rundown one by one, starting with none other than Ace box sets.

Ever wanted a physical copy of Ace you could hold and touch and smell?  Okay, quite honestly, I never did.  Even so, Degica is now distributing box copies of Ace containing a physical disk of the product.  This includes an install for both the engine and the RTP as well as a key for the program.  These copies are marked at the same prices as the digital copy and the steam copy, but the advantage is where these copies will be.  There are plans to have these products on the shelves of several retailers in the US and a few countries internationally in the next coming weeks.

In addition to a physical copy, once you register the product you are able to download several resources as a thank you for buying it.  This includes pieces of several of the resource packs as well as some members+ stuff and a few never before seen graphics by Arceia and Lunaria.

Also, from now until December 31st, every copy of Ace sold (by RPG Maker Web) will automatically be upgraded to 2 copies!  Keep one for yourself and give one to a friend.  This buy one get one only lasts until the 31st so get them while you can!  But wait!  There’s more!  If you take a photo of your boxed copy of Ace once it arrives and upload it to the Facebook page, you get even more goodies.  And this deal currently does not have an expiration date.  Read more about that here:

For more information about box copies, check out this link here:

As mentioned, Ace is also now on sale in Steam!  These digital copies do not require a registration key to be input so any issues people might have had with activating are gone.  Simply buy, download, and install.  At this time keys from the official store copies and from physical copies do not work with Steam, nor are they expected to at any time in the future, however there was mention of possible free/discounted keys for people who already own other copies of Ace.

This copy costs the same price as the digital or box copies so it’s really all up to you which one you want to get, but it’s certainly another market that will hopefully help build up the community.

To check out Ace on Steam, check out the store page here:

In honor of two huge achievements (and perhaps as an additional marketing ploy) RPG Maker web is having a sale on items in their store at around 30% off each.  On top of this, Members+ gets an additional 5% off that!  This is a great chance to pick up that resource pack you’ve had your eye on.  This will be running with a different deal each day until the end of the month, so be sure to keep an eye out.

And thirdly the RM Coalition is going to be releasing their second pack in the coming days.  The release date is set to December 20th of this year and will be a Christmas theme.  Currently I am working on a few scripts to go into this pack including what should be a fairly fancy economy type system.  It’s still a ways of from completion but should be done for the release of the pack.  This is one I will most likely be updating quite a bit to add new features and such to.

The music should definitely still be released on time and contains a good number of excellent tracks to put to use.  You can check out other information on the coalition at it’s homepage here:

That’s pretty much all I have in the form of community updates for this week.  I’ve been busy with the holiday season coming up so I haven’t had time to update this regularly, but I guess this is what I’ll try to do.

Every week I will try to have a new script available for use on Sunday of the week OR I will have a significant update to an existing script.

Every month I will post what’s been going on in the RPG Maker community and any big breakthroughs or news that occurred or is occurring, just something big and nice to read.

I will update if something huge happens that I feel is worth sharing.

That’s all for today.  As always, enjoy!

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