March Update

Haven’t updated in a while because I’ve been busy with quite a few different things.  Some of them big, some of them small.  Hopefully I’ll have quite a bit of awesome and unique stuff out for everyone in the next few weeks (but don’t really hold your breath).  Even so, this has been a pretty big week for the RM community.  Here’s just a quick highlight.

First of all, the RM Coalition has released it’s third resource collection.  While the previous packs have been focused a bit more on music, this one packed full of graphics and some scripts.  These include a few scripts from both Dekita and myself, a few new autotiles from Hyde, and a god awful amount of graphics for ShinGamix from game over screens to window skins, among some other contributions.  For the full list or to download the pack, check it out over here.

As usual, going to promote my own scripts in this one.  My contribution includes the “official” Ace port of my lockpicking script, a fun little script that shows the effects of skills, items, and equips, and a huge relationship script as requested by Maus.  This last script allows for characters to receive bonuses from each other based on their relationship with each other.  It if a more complex script to use which is why I provided a demo to hopefully help explain it a little.  As always, enjoy.

Next up, RPG Maker Ace is on sale on Steam for 50% off this week.  Honestly I’m getting to it a little bit late and the sale ends in less than 24 hours from when this post was made.  If you don’t already have a copy of Ace, now’s your chance to pick it up from Steam for just $34.99 USD.  Just head on over here.

Four of the resource packs have also made their way over to Steam.  These include the Futuristic Tiles, Samurai Set, DS Resource Pack, and the High Fantasy Bundle 2, all of which are excellent packs (I really recommend the DS Pack).  These are not on sale on steam but are still excellent packs for their price (and hell, you can pick one up with the 35$ you saved on Ace).

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now, but hopefully there should be a few interesting things showing up in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

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  1. You’ve got mail. I wrote you in your Email at @live. You won’t be able to get a reply in, and I wish you would state in a reply there that you DID help me via Email when we can get the program to work correctly so it doesn’t look like I’m ignoring your help cause I’m not and I really appreciate it. Thanks.

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