I Live! (You’re not getting rid of me that easy)

Wow, it’s been a while since I updated this. It’s been a combo of lazy and busy with other things, but hey, I’m still floating around a bit. I can’t really say there’s too much at the moment going on that I’m interested in writing about… mostly just more of the same, but I suppose I can update a little bit about what I’m up to, and spoil a few things I hope to release this weekend or the next. So let’s get started.

First of all, Ocean-san is creating a very fun looking retro Game Boy resource pack for which I am creating some scripts.  This fun little pack will include chipsets, character sets, faces, monsters, and even musics.  It’s also slated to be in greyscale, “greenscale”, and color for a fun retrotastic look.  He’s hoping to release it a little after the end of the month, so keep your eyes peeled for this awesome looking pack.

Next up, I’ve been working with a few little projects of my own, trying to decide what kind of game to make.  As a result I’ve created and edited a few different scripts, one of which is a shadow “rendering” script which can draw shadows in real time.  Sadly this does produce some lag if you get too ambitious with it, but it can still be used for some really neat effects.

Aside from this script I’ve also been updating a few bits of my battle engine including adding a few new scripts to it.  I occured to me that I updated it almost entirely to version 1.3 a while ago but neglected to polish it up and release it.  Sad, too, because it had a few really nice updates such as shadows.  I’ll see what bits of it I can update and see if I can’t release it by the end of the week, so look forward to that.

Anyway, sorry if I missed anything that people would have liked me to help with.  I WILL be updating the terrain script soon, so please stop asking.  Most of the updates are implimented, just not documented.  It’s just not been a huge concern yet.  If anyone needs me, I’m normally pretty easy to get ahold of from my skype name “neonblack23”, my e-mail address neonblack23@live.com, or simply shooting me a message here.  I always love to hear from people, even if it’s just to chat.

Expect to see some updates by the end of the month at the latest.  As always, enjoy!

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  1. Ezageima

    That slime looks like it floats, sorta like in Yu-Gi-Oh.

  2. Hello,

    (I have been trying to reach you over the past few days!)

    I have stumbled upon your script ‘Pet Follower v1.1’ and it is perfect for use in my game. However, I am hoping to keep my options open when it comes to using my game commercially and it is for this reason that I am writing to ask for your permission to use this script for my game.

    Would this be possible? I am only a hobbyist and a first-timer when it comes to making games but this is the missing piece of the puzzle I’m trying to solve – I would be incredibly grateful for it. I would credit you in the final release and will, of course, send you a finished copy (If I make it that far!)

    Many thanks,

    Lee Occleshaw

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