Game Making Drive Week 1

October 24th
October 25th
October 26th
October 27th
October 28th

October 24th update:

Would like to say I did a bit today.  Not my most productive day, but I got more done than I expected.

First of all, I created a project destruction script.  Had been joking that I would make one but hadn’t until today.  Had to do a bit of research before I could make it which didn’t take too long, then got it put together in relatively short order.

Also made a demo for my composite character script to prepare it for release.  The script has been done for like a week or so but I’ve been too lazy to release it.  Got the demo all squared away and set to go.

Sadly, pastebin was down every time I checked, so I’ll most likely get these two things released around midnight.

October 25th update:

Another pretty boring day.  Worked with some other scripts, specifically my Ocarina and Lockpicking script.  Did a bit of cleanup on them since I’ve learned quite a bit.  Am also getting them set up to convert to VXA.  Other than this, I didn’t get a whole lot today due to a lack of time (rehabbing a house).

October 26th update:

Not sure how much time I’m gonna have a bit later in the day, so I’ll just post what I’ve done today and what I’m planning to do later right now.

First of all, I’m updating my console to version 1.3. This improves a few of the features and rewrites a lot of the code to utilize some of the features implemented in version 1.2. Two of the big improvements with this one are how arguments for commands are captured and how the command run method and help run method work, namely that they no longer have the 21 main commands hard coded.

I’ve also started on and plan to complete by tomorrow, a text editor for the console as well as the ability to change and save settings in the console. Figure a few new features always come in handy.

October 27th update:

Went on a trip today. Just wrote down a bunch of ideas in my notebook on the way there.


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