Game Making Drive Week 2

October 28th
October 29th
October 30th
October 31st
November 1st
November 2nd
November 3rd

October 28th update:

Continued working on a few things with the console. Finished the upgrade to 1.3. Also worked on a few neat new features to be accessed by the console (you’ll see soon!) Still want to come up with some new ways to use the console….

October 29th update:

Some additional work on the console and some additional features. Didn’t have much time to do anything today.

October 30th update:

Went back and changed a few core things in the main console to accommodate for the new features (which will be a separate script). Added a new feature “push_formatted_string” though I think I may rename it. This method takes a string and does automatic text wrapping to allow large lists and other things to be shown on several lines despite the limited horizontal console space.

Also started on the GUIs of the new debug menus but didn’t get very far with those yet.

October 31st update:

Finished the item debug screen. And got it working well. On to the next.


November 1st update:

Finished the skill debug screen today. 2 down, just a few more to go.


November 2nd update:

Nothing really new today. Finished a bit of polish on the last two scripts and started continued on a third. Added the ability to use number keys on the item screen to change the number to a desired value. Also trying a few things to make sure the screens don’t crash under certain conditions.

November 3rd update:

Worked on something for Archeia. Been asked not to release it yet, but I’ll release it later.


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