GMD 2013 Week 1

January 1st
January 2nd
January 3rd
January 4th
January 5th
January 6th
January 7th

January 1st update:

Spent a lot of time helping the family, but also got to spend a bit of time working on a script I started yesterday. The script is a Golden Sun style Djinn script. Today I finished up the core by putting on a few finish touches that I didn’t have time to add yesterday. This was mostly back end stuff and rather random. I also finished up on the actual bit of code that registered how Djinn would act in battle. I had the most trouble getting the Game_Action class worked out but I think I got it figured out in the end. I then just needed to add a few little bits of polish, such as having standby Djinn be removed from the standby list during command selection when a summon has been selected. It is the little things that matter.

After this I working on the menu, which is mostly GUI. This is by no means done, though I do have it properly working how I would like it to at the moment. Later on or most likely tomorrow I will be adding in more visual information to it. Anyway, to whet your interest, here are two screenshots.

January 2nd update:

Slept most of the morning to make up for staying up so late last night. Turned on my laptop when I got to work and found out the GPU was shot. Wonderful friggin’ day for me. Borrowing a laptop from work now….

After installing the Ace trial on the work laptop and tearing the harddrive out of my personal laptop I was able to get to my projects. Continued the djinn script and getting the menu GUI all wonderfully working. Went through a few different designs and finally settled on this current one.

Finally went into the Game_Actor class and created a way to make Djinn give stat bonuses and such to the player through stats and features. Had to find a unique way of implimenting “temp equips” due to how I have the djinn masks working in the Game_Party class so that temporary actors would display changes properly when switching or equipped/removing a djinn in the menu. Then I needed to get the menu GUI working properly. Rewrote the help_update method a few times in order to get the two status screens to update how I wanted them to and finally was able to get it working properly. One funny bug I was having while working on it caused the djinn to be equipped to the actor twice by mistake and since I was testing with djinn that added a LARGE boost to stats, the stats would comically skyrocket for a moment. Anyway, screenie:

Sadly until I get a new laptop or get my own one running again I’m not sure how often I will be able to update or even what I will be able to do for the next few days.

January 3rd update:

Good laptop is still down. Decided to work some more on a remake of one of my old games. In this case that meant a bit of databasing. Focused on the actors for now. Considering using my djinn system as the main form of magic, something like a combo of junction, materia, and djinn to make a unique playstyle for the “new version” playthrough.

Other than this, did a bit of work on the first few maps for my “classic version” playthrough. Used the default VXA tilesets to make block for block remakes of the horrible maps I created in 2k. For what it’s worth, they came out quite similar to the original. That’s not really a good thing, though, as the mapping was terrible.

Gonna really need to get looking for a new laptop, but can’t impulse buy. Hope I can get this one replaced soon.

January 4th update:

The good news is, I finally bought a new laptop. The bad news is, it’s going to be a few days before I have it. On to business.

As usual, still don’t have too much I can do at the moment as this laptop doesn’t have audio or anything. I miss my huge music library…. Continued on the actors in the database and did a little bit of mapping, specifically, the first town in the game. I’m doing a 100% re-port of the game from 2k to Ace as well as a complete overhaul of the game with entirely remastered areas. As an example, here are the original, the “old style” in Ace, and the “New Style” Note there are some graphical issues at the moment and will be until I get my new computer and can fix them with GIMP.

Original Version:

Ace Version:

Remastered Version (WIP):

  1. Marcos (Megablackdragon31)

    Your new project looks great! Happy new year for you too Neon Black.
    Excuse me for my bad English and greetings from Argentina.

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