License and Terms of Use

Creative Commons License
All work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

You MAY:

  • Use scripts in any non-commercial project as long as you credit me as Neon Black.
  • Modify or add on to scripts as you see fit.
  • Link to a copy of the script from a blog or other website PROVIDED you link to the script’s topic on rpgmakerweb or cphouseset.


  • Post scripts or modifications on any site except for rpgmakerweb or rmcoalition.wikidot.
  • Use scripts in commercial projects without my consent.
  • Modify the top header in scripts (credits section) EXCEPT to add your name if you have modified it.

If you would like to share a script on another site, please link either to the script’s topic on rpgmakerweb or to the script’s page on this blog.

If you see someone who seems to be in violation of the license or terms of use, please contact me.

If you would like to discuss using any of my scripts commercially, please contact me (I am very lenient about it).

Contact me either by e-mail at or by skype name “neonblack23”.

  1. smokinsickstyle

    Would it be okay to use one of your scripts for a freeware game if said game was part of a competition that offered cash prizes?

  2. may i use this script for my game creation?thanks i left my my email here for your reply

  3. My I please use this script in the game I’m working on? It will be commercially released, but I plan on crediting everyone that helps out in the game credits. I can even put in a “special thanks” credit for you.

  4. May I use this script in a game I plan on being commercial?

  5. may i use this script for my game creation?wish

  6. I want to use it for commercial but i cant seem to get ahold of you i added on skype and sent an email plz get ahold of me

    skype: poletsky2027


  7. how i can use your script for commercial projects?

  8. I wish to use your script in my games actually 2 games now. How is terms of commercial use? I wish to sell my games after they have been done at least actual two. Here is my gmail.

  9. samuelkweb

    Hi there!
    I would like to use CP Character Composite script for my commercial project.
    In Terms of Use of this scipt was said that I should tell you about my intentions what I am doing right now.
    You can contact me at

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