Battle Pop-ups Script v1.2a

What is it?
This is a script I developed to show a little more information during battle that may be useful to the player.  In my opinion, when a player uses a skill, they want to keep their eyes on the flashy skill, not on the info box watching for how much damage they dealt, so I added fancy little pop ups that will pop out of an enemy and arc downward. I was also a little annoyed that Ace had no way to see what status effects an enemy was afflicted with, so I added something that shows those as well.  And finally, just because it was only a few lines, I modified how skill boxes are displayed to make them shorter if you have less skills.  The other additions I had in this script have been removed as of version 1.2.  These changes are still present in CP’s Battle Engine and Scan Enemy Info.

How can I use it?
Simply place this script anywhere above main and below the default scripts.  This script has a few options that need to be set in order for it to work properly.  There are also a few tags that may be placed in a state’s notebox to change what the pop-up will look like.

  • pop add[text] -or- pop remove[text] – These tags include the text that is displayed when a state is added or removed.  If you don’t want a pop-up when the state is added or removed, leave the tag empty, for example “pop add[]”.
  • pop add color[12] -or- pop remove color[key] – These tags change the color of the pop-up displayed.  When the tag includes a number, it will be that color from the window skin.  When the tag includes a text, it will be that key from the COLOURS has of the config section of the script.
  • pop add style[type] -or- pop remove style[type] – These tags change the pop-up style for the text when the state is added or removed.  As of version 1.2 there are 4 styles: bounce, raise, slow_raise, and zoom.  Replace the word “type” with the name of the style you want the pop-up to use.

What does it look like?
Posted Image

What does it work with?
This should work with most battle systems and most other scripts.  It is worth noting however that this script overwrites display_added_states, display_removed_states, display_changed_buffs, and display_buffs from the Window_BattleLog class, so this may prevent it from working with scripts that modify these.  This script does not work with CP’s Battle Engine v1.0a, but will work with the next version which will be released very soon. If you are using CP’s Battle Engine and still want to have damage pop-ups, I will leave version 1.1 available for now until the engine is upgraded.

How can I get the code?
Version 1.2a (base script, 11.11.2012) is available from my pastebin account here.

I would like to use this code.
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Author’s Disclaimer:
Day 5 of my week of scripts more or less.  Pretty much the entire disclaimer I had here when it was originally posted no longer matters.  It was talking about something that is no longer present in this script.  Anyway, I always did like having pop-ups.  I almost got pretty excessive with the pop-ups I had and I DO plan to add more, but the four I have for now are pretty nice.  As always, enjoy!

  1. hmmm …. you can make this script can display the damage popup that received by the player ? because i use SBS :)

  2. Think you could make it so that certain states do not show any pop-up?

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