Scan Enemy Script v1.2

What is it?
This is something like a more advanced version of my Foe Info View script.  This script allows the player to view detailed info about an enemy’s HP, MP, TP, conditions, and affinities by pressing the Shift button (or :A other input).  The script has two main view versions.  The first I sort of want to call a “classic” style.  This one shows all states and elements as well as the percentage chance to inflict the state or percentage of damage taken from the element.  The second view style I like to call the “persona” style, not so much for it’s looks, but more for how it works.  This second style starts out not showing any states or elements, but it will add them to the list if the enemy is hit with that type of element.  Other than this for affinities, the name box can be customized with HP, MP, TP, States, and Name wherever you want them to go and you can also display a bio on the enemy.

How can I use it?
Place this script anywhere above Main and below the default scripts.  There are numerous tags that can be used by this script.

Enemy Tags:

  • hide hp -and- hide mp -and- hide tp – These tags work like my old enemy info view script.  They hide the HP, MP, or TP of the monster that has these tags in their notebox.
  • <bio> -and- </bio> – These tags wrap around the enemy bio.  Note that when you type out the bio, you can type the ENTIRE bio on a single line and it will automatically word wrap in the scan screen.  Use the tags like so:

4TOFa.png (298×192)

Skill Tags:

  • scan[libra] – Opens the scan window on the target of the skill.  The scan window will not scroll between enemies with the L and R keys in this case.
  • scan[all] – Reveals all affinities of the monster this skill is used on.
  • scan[weak states] -or- scan[strong elements] -etc- – These types of tags will display all affinities that fall in the categories.  You can use any single of the four words “weak” or “strong” or the words “elements” or “states” or you can combine one of the first two followed by one of the second two to determine exactly what you want to show.

Also worth nothing, in the config you are able to change how the name box is set up.  This is done with a hash.  You can remove lines from the hash to remove lines and height from the box (as well as the affinity box) or you can add lines to the hash to add lines and height to windows.  The windows cannot be less than two lines or more than 4 lines.  To set up the name box, look for the name box hash (line 162 by default in the script) and edit the next few lines.  To have a blank line, just point that line to a blank array, such as “2 => [],”.  Inside each rows array you can put “:name”, “:states”, “:hp”, “:mp”, or “:tp” depending on what info you want displayed and where you want it displayed.

What does it look like?
Posted Image
Posted Image

What does it work with?
This should work with most battle systems.  Nothing is overwritten and the methods used to show and hide the scan screen are somewhat non-intrusive.  If you note any incompatibilities, let me know and I will patch them.

How can I get the code?
Version 1.2 (base script, 11.12.2012) is available from my pastebin account here.

I would like to use this code.
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Author’s Disclaimer:
This is the request from Archeia I’ve been working on all week.  This started out much more elaborate and then more simple, and then too simple, and then too complex….  Suffice to say this was more or less tweaked to her liking, though I did make it in such a way that I could replace my old battle view script with this.  There are still a few changes I want to make to it and things I want to add, but those will come a bit later.  As always, enjoy!

  1. I’m using this and your battle system and it doesn’t seem to work at all.

  2. Hey, thank you so much for the script.
    I’m about learning more about the RPG Maker and how it works.
    I tried your script and it works fine so far. I was just wondering if its possible to combine the “Enemy Scan” with an Item, so that you can just see Enemys Data after you used it and just for the round you used it in.

  3. WCouillard

    Wildly incompatible with VE Active Time Battle, but it’d be sweet to get a compatibility patch.

    The scan window never disposes when using VE Active Time Battle, and causes all sorts of hangups with the flow of battle.

    I am working with another person on solving this issue on our own, and if we succeed, I will post the fixes required here.

  4. i think the link is broken … can you give me another?

  5. Best Scan Script Ever, thank you !!!

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