Scrolling States Script v1.1

What is it?
So with many of the default settings, there’s only enough room in battle to show two states per character.  Even with more room, if you use a lot of states (like I do) you tend to run out of room fast.  This script will cause state images to cycle and show a certain number of the states for a certain amount of time before cycling to more states.  This means you can have any number of states in an area as small as 24×24 and still show them all.

How can I use it?
Simply place the script in your project anywhere above main and set the only setting in the script and you’re good to go.  The script does the rest automatically.  The only setting is the timer setting.  Simply set this to the number of frames you want to wait before changing up the displayed states. Remember that 1 frame = 1/60 of a second.

What does it look like?
Posted Image
Posted Image

What does it work with?
It only overwrites how states are displayed, so as long as another script doesn’t alter this or how windows update, you should be good.  If you have any compatibility errors, just post them here or PM me and I’ll get on it as soon as I can.

How can I get the code?
ACE Version 1.1 (base script, 11.14.2012) is available from my pastebin account here.
VX Version 1.1 (base script, 11.14.2012) is available from my pastebin account here.

I would like to use this code.
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Author’s Disclaimer:
This is just a VX variation of my Ace scrolling states script.  Honestly I only had to change a few lines to get it to work properly, but I figured it could still be useful to people who still use VX.  As always, enjoy!

  1. Would it be possible to edit the script a bit so that it only shows one state icon at a time, rather than four? I have edited the default battle windows a bit myself, so there isn’t room for four anymore.

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